BEILISHI DK200 Spinning Reel, Freshwater Spinning Fishing Reels, 5.2:1 Gear Ratio

Fishing Tackle

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Position: River
Position: Reservoir Pond
Position: Ocean Boat Fishing
Baits Type: Fake Bait
Fishing Reels Type: Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel
Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
Model Number: DK200
Type: Fishing Reels

winding amount(LBS/YDS):3/260 4/215 6/180

    DK200 model plastic head, continuous piece structure.The wired model comes with
a transparent wire of about 0.35mm.
   200-type small fishing reel, line cup plastic, main body plastic, ordinary 
rubber plastic folding rocker arm,the rocker arm can be interchanged left and
  Small fishing reel, suitable for use with rocky poles, raft poles, straight 
handle lure poles, and short sea poles.