Steel wire front wire quick connector combination Bottle-shaped swivel + steel wire + B-type pin 7011

Fishing Tackle

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Model Number: 7011

Excellent steel wire/anti-bite wire/precision wear-resistant/pin connection ring

What is the use of the Lure leader?
1: Avoid pulling at the moment of throwing. The friction between the main line and the guide ring will cause damage to the main line due to heat rise.
2: After dragging bait or catching fish, protect the front end of the main line to avoid obstacles and
3. Conceal the main line to reduce the alertness of fish after discovering the fishing line.
4: Offset the instant pulling force that may occur after hitting the fish and act as a buffer.
5: Marking function when retrieving the bait, preventing the bait from colliding with the leader ring of the fishing rod and injuring people. 6: Using a leader line with higher strength than the main line, you can try the range of thinner main line selection, thereby making casting easier and allowing the bait to fly. further