KN95 Face Mask Coronavirus Protective Face Mask FFP2 Dust Anti Infection KN95 Masks PM 2.5 Anti Fog Protection Respirator Reusable COVID-19

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Affected by the coronavirus,the costs of all logistics companies have risen sharply ,flights have decreased,and delivery times have been delayed .It is expected that delivery will take 15-25days.For more than 10,000 masks ,please contact us:
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Due to the fluctuation of the material price, the price problem may be updated. The specific notice is subject to the merchant's notice. After payment, non-quality problems do not support return and replacement and make up the difference, please be aware.
KN95 mask
[Specifications] 5 bags with certificate of conformity;
[Production date] May 2020; the date is constantly updated
[Shelf life] 2 years
【Box gauge】 52 * 38 * 35CM
【Number of boxes】 800
[Gross weight per box] 5.5kg
The products sold by the company comply with the national labor insurance standards,
[Note that it is not a medical type] [Note that it is not a medical type] [Note that it is not a medical type]
The core material used is melt-blown polypropylene products, which are already sold at low prices.
It is not a low-quality product that is replaced by ordinary non-woven fabrics on the market.
The five-layer KN95 masks sold by our factory meet the national testing standards, and the PFE filterability can reach 99.6% under the standard testing environment. The materials of the five layers are:
1.50g non-woven fabric;
2.50 grams of 100% ES hot air cotton;
3.99 meltblown cloth;
4.99 meltblown cloth;
5.25 grams of skin-friendly non-woven fabric;