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Fishing Tackle

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  •  Corkscrew saltwater swivel is a new type of fishing swivel and is the best value on the market. The snap part looks like corkscrew, you don't need to open and close the snap when changing lures. So no metal fatigue occurs. Therefore, compared to ordinary snaps, Corkscrew saltwater swivels are more durable. You can use this swivel to prevent line twisting and the possible loss of a fish.
  • The smooth surface and chamfered roller make corkscrew saltwater swivel has less resistance in the water. And the smooth surface of the ring will not hurt the fishing line.  corkscrew saltwater swivels are small and lightweight. All these features reduce the burden on the fishing line and reduce the risk of the fishing line being broken. A swivel is a must with any spinning reel. The action of the reel will throw twist in the line.
  • Corkscrew saltwater swivels are small and lightweight cause snap and roller are connected directly. So it won’t affect lure's action in the water. And it is quite easy to use, you can directly connect the salt water swivel to lure without using a split ring.
  •  Corkscrew saltwater swivels are made of high-strength metal materials. The material of the ring and snap are stainless steel, and roller parts are made of copper alloy. The whole body is nickel-plated. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust. No matter river fishing or sea fishing, you can use it with confidence.
  •  Corkscrew saltwater swivels are not only easy to use, but also effectively solve the problem of fishing line twisting. Provide you with a better fishing experience. A variety of sizes are available, length from 0.6 inches to 1.5 inches and strength from 31lbs to 198lbs. Use only quality swivels to prevent the fish from pulling the swivel apart, and this is the swivel you are looking for!

With Ruler or Not: No
Position: Ocean Boat Fishing
Shape: Swivel Snap
Type: Fishing Swivels
Material: brass
Model: 2016
N: Rolling Swivel with Screwed Snap
Type: Fishing Connector
Style: Terminal Tackle
Size: 3/0,2/0,1/0,2,4,6,8,10
Color: Nickel or Silver
Pack Quantity: 100/500/1000