Double unloading metal head front and rear brake fishing reel sea fishing reel throwing rod wheel KV

Fishing Tackle

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Position: River
Position: Reservoir Pond
Position: Ocean Boat Fishing
Fishing Reels Type: Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel
Gear Ratio:5.0:1
Model Number:  KV
Type: Fishing Reels
Max Drag: 0.55kg

Suitable waters: rivers, seas, lakes, reservoirs, ponds
Handle direction: interchangeable left and right
Applicable fish shape: medium to large fish
Applicable fishing rods: Haigangji rod, Xiaogan Luya rod and other types of throwing rods

The correct way to use it is:
1. First adjust the front drag force to the normal braking force.
2. After casting, tighten the fishing line and turn the front and rear brake switch to the upward direction, that is, the line cup is controlled by the rear unloading force at this time.
3. Why is it necessary to adjust the rear discharge force control? Because large carp fish are smarter and have larger mouths. After inhaling the bait, they like to drag the bait and run away. If the braking force of the front discharge force is used at this time, the dragging fish will not be able to run. If you move, the carp will find something abnormal and give up eating bait. The reason for using rear unloading force is that the braking force of rear unloading force is relatively smaller than the braking force of front unloading force. Carp can drag the bait when eating, thus greatly increasing the fish rate.
4. When the fish takes the bait, shake the rocker arm when retracting the line, and the rear unloading force will automatically jump to the front unloading control, allowing you to easily catch big fish.