Why do I always feel that the more I read about fishing articles, the less I will not fish. That ’s why you fell into a misunderstanding.

【Misunderstanding 1】 Gold fishing spots may not have many fishes, all similar articles are actually false.

Fishes have physiological habits and laws of movement. This is inevitable. Even single-celled organisms must have their own physiological laws. This is a characteristic of living things. But for fish, the so-called golden fishing spots are mostly fishermen. Our conclusion is whether or not the ratio can be verified. In fact, it is hard to say. From the perspective of probability, it is almost impossible to have fish.However, the rules of golden fishing spots are basically summarized through experience. Then many fishermen simplified the conditions as much as possible, and until now, they will find that almost all positions are, but if they are carefully compared, they do n’t seem to be too good. Like, so unless the article shared in detail describes the conditions, such as accurate to at least which city, or quantifiable conditions such as how deep the water is, how much water flow, etc., this article, just look at it, in fact, Mao has no use, If you want to find a good fishing spot, in addition to looking for it yourself, expect articles on the Internet to find a good fishing spot, it is better to buy a few more cigarettes and check with old fishermen.

【Misunderstanding 2】 The commercial bait is not the longer the formula, the better, nor the more complex the taste, the better.

What do fish look for in the water? According to the current biological world, most freshwater fish rely on the sense of smell to find food. Among the only nervous systems in fish, smell is the most developed nervous system. It is currently known that sharks are known biological clocks on the earth and have the most developed smell. The smell of most freshwater fish is at least 100 times that of dogs, and the smell of dogs is about 1200 times that of humans. What does this exaggerated value indicate?That is, we think that the taste pattern is strong and stimulating. It may be uncomfortable for the dog to smell it, not to mention being smoked to death. Then the fish smells, and it must not be better, so why do we often emphasize that the taste pattern must not only have levels, but also There are main and auxiliary, when should be strong, when should be light, this is field-tested; but because the motherland is large, this experience cannot be used in the North and the South. For example, many methods of fishing tilapia in the south are completely useless in the north. This is not to say that nonsense fishermen in the south can only make a difference between North and South. It is actually the same way to open bait. It is better to use recipes that are better than raw and share on the Internet. Learning ideas is okay, but copying is meaningless.

【Misunderstanding 3】 It is very important to adjust the bluntness of the fishing spirit.

In fact, there is a lot of controversy about what is spirit and what is blunt. The flow of technology will infinitely expand the term blunt and floating, and Zhengliu believes that any transfer fishing that cannot catch fish is blunt. Only when you catch a fish can you say that it is a spirit. Now, everyone is more rational, starting to think that the double hook is off the bottom, the strand is tight and the spirit is tight, the double hook is lying on the bottom, and the strand is bent to be dull. That must be correct.

Now unlike in the past, we do n’t know anything about the bottom of the water. Today ’s underwater HD cameras can clearly capture a lot of scenes that we could only see by guessing. For example, the bait fell to the bottom of the mud. No, for example, in the undulating water bottom, the height difference is too large, the fish really can not find the bottom to eat, and for example, the Japanese-style fish hook is made like this now, when the fish sucks, the hook tip is really facing the fish Lips, sting fishes really have a high chance of hooking on the upper lip;

Well, these actual combat videos can't explain the bending or tension of the strands. Is the impact on the fish mouth as important as the masters say, because the video feedback is sometimes useful and sometimes it makes no difference, so this requires a lot of Compared with the data, before there is an authoritative third-party data release, there will always be doubts on the bar, and they will not buy a high-definition camera in person to verify it, so don't worry about being blunt and catching fish.

【Misunderstanding 4】 The more expensive the fishing tackle, the better the catch, so is the fishing rod, so is the fishing line, and so is the float

Fishing is a sport, but fishing rods, fishing lines, floats, and all the equipment needed in the fishing process are commercial activities. For such a simple matter, I do n’t know why there are always fake masters trying to interpret it from the technical level of fishing This is really a ridiculous thing, and there is always a stunner who agrees with this view. You must know that in this world, any utensil has a cost and a price. The price is high and low. There is no yarn relationship.

The only things that matter are quality, craftsmanship, advertising costs, and after-sales costs. It ’s rude to say that a group of fishers and a group of businessmen who analyze from a business perspective. It ’s called chicken and duck, but it ’s not at the same frequency. Many fishermen eat this set. To be honest, here is a sentence often used by stunners. There is fish. You use sorghum rods, cotton threads, Needles can be used as a fishing group for protection. No fish, not to mention domestic first-line brands, which use Japanese and German first-line brands. They ca n’t catch fish. Emphasis on brand and price. In addition to set off the income ability like an upstart, Nothing can really prove.

Fishing can be very complicated. For example, the bottom line may actually be the difference between 1 and 2 purposes. It is not necessarily true how big the catch is, but this is because our fishing resources are not good, we can only pass Technology is used to make up for the differences in resources. If Asian carps are in groups like Europe and the United States, who cares about tuning four fishes and two fishes and five fishes, what fish can fools catch? ?





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