How To Choose The Right Fishing Bait

Blackfish——Thunder frog (most suitable) Fat man Beard Rotating sequins etc ..

    Squiggly——mouthed sequins-metallic vib with higher reflectivity and brighter floating water
    Perch——oft worm in the deep waters Beard Guy Rotating Sequins, Mino.Shallow water wave pencil.
    Sea Bass——VIB Xiaomi Ruoji
    Blue Knife Catfish Catfish Red——bellied catfish-Minnow, Sequin, VIB

    Osmanthus——Mino VIB sequins, fat

     Luo Fei——Mino sequins

    Sensitive fish——soft worms

     Grass carp——sequins green mino

    Carps——softworms like earthworms

    Catfish Catfish——Softworm Sequin

     Anchovies are pelagic fish and prefer to filter for plankton in water. Luya catfish can generally use floating water mino; sequins to try. But Lua bait and movement should not be too large.Can be used as a sea pole, but the long distance investment is not close.
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