【FISHING SKILLS】 Novice Must See:The role of the roll barrel swivel fishing and the detailed use

Fishing is a project that requires patience,but as long as you value every little detail, the problem is often easy to unravel,Let 's talk about the function of some commonly used small accessories in the hanging fishing method and the precautions when use it .When choosing a swivel, many people choose the size of the swivel depending on the type of fishing.Instead of selecting the swivel based on the weight  of the fish  and the effect  of the bait signal transmission.While considering the strength of the rotating ring used,it is necessary to pay attention to  the problem of using  the small -volume rotating ring .Don't forget that  the signals that can be displayed on the float marker are accumulated by bits and pieces.suggestions below:

  • Under the premise of the strength of the force,try to use a smaller circle.
  • Chooes a fishing swivel that uses a double ring  to directly press into the middle cylinder,This swivel can reduce  the chance of winding the main line and the brain line.
  • It is recommended to select a rotating ring with a rounded end. It is convenient to thread the knot and the strength is better. The wire of the selection ring is thicker and the strength of the knot is also strengthened.

The next picture is to teach  you how to tie Ball Barrel Fishing  Swivel Rolling :

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