Face mask

Where can buy mask N95 3M  to protect against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Now Coronavirus(COVID-19) spread quickly all over the world.

Before march ,most people could buy mask on amzon or ebay on aliexpress.

Now they are sold out or can not sell.and can not do advertise on facebook or google.

So supplier start build website to sell by themself.

The price now is :

  • Disposable face mask:0.15-0.3 USD per pieces ,do not include shipping fee.
  • kn95 mask :1.5-2.5 USD per pieces ,do not include shipping fee.
  • N95 mask :2.5-5 USD per pieces,do not include shipping fee.
  • 3M MAKS:3-6 USD PER piece,do not include shipping fee.

For common the more the cheaper.

Here is link for small quantity mask :




If need big quantity you could email them or could use whatapp.

E-mail: scofee@lenrick.com / sale@lenrick.com

Whatsapp: +86 18060060068

Hope it is usefull for you.
Very hope coronavirus could be end quickly ,
Have a wonderfull day!

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